R.O.S.S.Y - the control system

R.O.S.S.Y - the resource optimising control system

R.O.S.S.Y is the latest generation of control systems for hall heaters from Kübler. The intelligent and self-learning system optimises switching-on times, power consumption and sets new standards as far as operating comfort and functionality are concerned. Day and night temperatures, holidays, public holidays and other such parameters can be easily set using the clear LCD display or a PC. The basic version has a modular design and, depending on the requirement, can be upgraded with modules such as SmarTec for increasing the power efficiency, WinTec for remote control or HygroTec for controlling humidity. Thanks to its efficiency and measurable contribution towards a more economic operation of hall heaters, R.O.S.S.Y was awarded the 2004 innovation prize of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

  • Resource optimising control system for infrared heaters
  • Reduced energy consumption and time
  • Efficient functions
  • Modular upgrading concept
  • Simple menu-driven operation
  • Self-explanatory without an operating manual
  • Based on standard software
  • Can be integrated in your PC environment
  • Retrofitting compatibility with all Kübler hall heaters
  • Awarded the innovation prize of the Federal Ministry of Economics