Three components – key benefits: H.Y.B.R.I.D. integrates efficiency-optimized infrared heating systems, an effective heating control system and the innovative recovery of waste heat to form a fully integrated hybrid system. Up to 15% energy gain from waste heat, up to 108% combustion efficiency – with these values H.Y.B.R.I.D. sets a new benchmark for economic space heating. And it is the most efficient heating concept ever designed by Kübler.

Waste heat recovery

Innovative basis for economical space heating: with O.P.U.S.X we have mastered the economic usage of the energy contained in the flue gas of space heating systems. To be used e.g. for heating offices and staff facilities – nearly free of running costs. Thanks to O.P.U.S.X up to 15% of the primary energy invested can be recovered, depending on the size of the heating system. A quantum leap in efficient infrared-based space heating. Learn more about it.


Different hall types, hall sizes and areas of application: Infrared heaters from Kübler have almost no limits as far as the application range is concerned. Find your system here.

Control units

They provide notably more comfort while ensuring less power consumption – you will find that control systems from Kübler are almost indispensable.

Exhaust gas routing systems

Exhaust gas routing systems for individual devices or closed combined exhaust gas routing systems which can contain up to 20 devices: You will find further details here.

Peripheral devices

From a gas connection to a fastening system – Kübler provides you with complete turn-key solutions. Learn more about the entire range of our product portfolio.


We sell more than just large-room heaters: Security of investments and a feeling of satisfaction for years to come. Make the most of the special service know-how of Kübler.