Hall types

High efficiency combined with all-purpose applications - modern infrared systems are almost always the ideal solutions. For every hall type or size. Whether 4 or 30 m high: the broad performance spectrum guarantees reliable and efficient operation in large-area heating. 


Production halls

Pleasant working conditions for employees, flexibility of control, modular extension capability and zonal heating. These are the major benefits of energy-efficient infrared heating for your production hall.

Warehouse and logistics halls

Frequently opened hall gates, high-bay warehouses and sensitive goods represent special challenges for the heating of your warehouse. Find out here about the solutions Kübler has to offer.

Sports halls

Either the hall remains permanently cold, or the heating eats up too much energy: a problem for many clubs. But sports halls can be easily heated: with an energy-efficient infrared system by Kübler.

Maintenance halls and workshops

Whether it may be the high humidity in a washing hall, the extraordinary ceiling height in an aircraft hangar or vehicles entering and leaving a workshop frequently. We know the challenges. Here are our solutions.

Event halls and exhibition rooms

They fit into the overall picture and are quiet in operation: Kübler hall heaters for exhibition areas and event halls. Valuable exhibits are protected from humidity and draughts and the visitors feel at home.

Animal stalls and milking parlours

Proper animal welfare requires special climatic conditions. Infrared heat is the ideal solution here, because it is the form of heating closest to sunlight. The Kübler infrared systems improve the indoor climate in stalls and milking parlours and keep the litter dry.


The heating of greenhouses is a particular challenge. Specifically designed for greenhouses, Kübler offers with the Agrarnox system the perfect conditions for the growing of plants.