Animal stalls and milking parlours

Stall and milking parlour heating: Improvement of rearing conditions, frost protection and lower energy costs


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The heating of stalls has been a sensitive issue for a long time. The stall heating specially developed for stalls by Kübler fulfils the necessary conditions, namely precise and controllable heating. They have been specifically adapted to this environment in order to create an optimum room climate, to improve farming conditions and to keep energy costs as low as possible. The dust and draught-free heating creates a comfortable ambient temperature in the stalls. The animals no longer have to huddle together due to cold or draughts. This enables full utilisation of the stalls.

Perfect requirements for cattle breeding

Choosing the right heating system contributes significantly to improving the breeding environment in the stalls. The well-being of the animal is the essential requirement for good development and desired weight gain. 

Frost protection and warm feet in the milking parlour

Infrared offers the optimum possibilities for milking stand heating. The required temperatures for different usage times can be set on the easy-to-operate digital controls. The milking stand  (milking parlour) is thereby set to a pleasant temperature at milking times and the lines and equipment are protected at all times against frost. And without unnecessarily consuming energy all the time. The infrared heating systems provide warmth for man and animal, without disturbance from warm air circulation or blower noise. The systems can be easily installed in existing milking stands at a later date.

Special advantages for the heating of milking parlours or stalls

  • Reduced minimum ventilation rate due to avoidance of condensation
  • Reduction of the fire risk by avoidance of dust and closed combustion
  • High oxygen content of the air by means of controlled fresh air supply
  • Low stress on the lungs due to closed exhaust gas ducting and avoidance of dust agitation
  • Robust burner for aggressive room air and intensive stall cleaning
  • Corrosion-resistant due to stainless steel radiator pipes
  • No crowding (group formation) by the animals
  • The litter is kept warm and dry
  • Prevalence of disease is reduced
  • High overall nutrition usage quota

Energy-saving speaks for infrared

With Kübler you are deciding on the specialist and innovation leader in the field of energy-saving hall heating systems.


  • Low investment costs
  • Up to 70% energy and cost savings in comparison to conventional systems
  • Flexible use for zonal and workplace heating
  • Modular extension capability
  • No heating room required
  • Dust- and draught-free heating
  • No water preparation – no freezing
  • Even heat distribution, even in badly insulated halls
  • Low-noise heating operation
  • Short heating-up times
  • Short installation time

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