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Peak performance for sports halls: Energy-saving sports hall / tennis hall heating

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Do you know the problem? Until a cool sports hall is heated up in the winter months, it often takes a very long time. And then it quickly becomes too warm. Modern hall heating technologies from Kübler provide energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating by means of infrared. This is one of the most effective solutions when it comes to the heating of sports halls. Space-saving, reliable and above all economical. Regularly awarded with prizes, such as the Bundesinnovationspreis (National Innovation Prize), they represent the latest standard of hall heating technology. For the ideal room climate for children’s gymnastics or performance sport.

Short heating-up times, zonal heating, warm hall floors and a pleasant, draught-free room climate, similar to the heating principle of the sun – the infrared heating systems by Kübler are the optimum solutions for sports halls, tennis halls and multi-purpose halls which are only used at peak times. Specialised in the development and constant optimisation of infrared systems, Kübler offers a wide range of hall heating systems. Tailor-made for the energy- and cost-saving heating of all different hall sizes and usage profiles. Optimised for high efficiency and profitability, the energy-saving systems by Kübler stand for low operating costs, long service life and reliable operation.

Saving for every type of hall usage

  • Low investment costs
  • Short amortisation time
  • Up to 70 % cost savings and CO2 reduction in comparison to conventional systems
  • Up to 15 % extra energy, e.g. for warm water
  • Up to 108 % combustion efficiency

Perfect warmth for sports halls

  • High-efficiency hall heating technology
  • Short heating-up times
  • Pleasant room climate
  • Dust- and draught-free heating
  • Flexible for zonal and individual workplace heating
  • High operating safety
  • With certified ball protection grille on request
  • Space-saving without additional heating room
  • Easy modular extension


The H.Y.B.R.I.D. system by Kübler offers particular advantages for sports and tennis halls. It combines sports hall heating with residual warmth usage and self-explanatory digital controls. The innovative O.P.U.S. X heat exchanger recovers up to 15 % of the energy from the waste heat of infrared heating systems to be used e.g. for heating changing rooms or the warm water supply of washing rooms. The Helio.B.R.I.D. system extension incorporates additional solar-thermal modules, allowing for regenerative warm water supply almost all-year-round, depending of the weather.

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