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Efficient heating – perfect storage: Energy-saving infrared systems for warehouse halls


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Constantly open hall gates, goods sensitive to condensation and temperature, high storage racks, zones of different usage, e.g. order picking: this is typical of many warehouses and a real challenge when it comes to heating. Nonetheless, heating technology can meet the highest standards in terms of climate and energy efficiency in your hall.

This is where energy-saving begins: Infrared heating

Infrared is considered to be the most modern technology for the economic heating of halls. Among the most efficient solutions for warehouses is the energy-saving infrared heating technology of Kübler. Because warmth is produced exactly where it is needed. Because no useless heat cushion dissipates under the hall roof. And because the high-performance systems of the hall heating specialists once again set standards: with innovative burner technology, more even heat distribution and above all with optimised effectiveness for even higher energy efficiency.

Extra efficiency for your warehouse hall: intelligent additional components

1. Door-Off

No energy loss despite open gates. The supplementary module to the R.O.S.S.Y®, the intelligent, prize-winning digital controls from Kübler, ensures that no heat energy is wasted even when the gates are open. Short heating-up times quickly guarantee a pleasant feeling of warmth soon after closing the gate.

2. HygroTec

Reliable protection against the formation of condensation. The R.O.S.S.Y® module reacts automatically as soon as the temperature and air humidity exceed a defined level. All values are stored in a 7-day report.

3. H.Y.B.R.I.D.

Up to 15 % extra energy due to the use of residual heat. The innovative O.P.U.S. X heat-exchanger system extends your energy-saving infrared heating into a high-efficiency hybrid system. The energy obtained from the waste heat of the infrared heating can be used for example for the warm water-based heating of your office spaces.

Intelligent warmth for storage areas

  • Reliable protection of stored goods against frost and formation of condensation
  • Door-Off module for rapid turnover of merchandise
  • Maximum heating convenience
  • Comfortable room climate
  • Dust- and draught-free heating
  • High operating safety
  • Flexible for zonal and individual workplace heating
  • Easy modular extension
  • Design according to EnEV 2014 and EEWärmeG (German energy-saving regulations) 

Profitability in a nutshell

  • 30 to 70 % energy-savings
  • 2 to 5 years payback period
  • Up to 15 % residual heat usage
  • Up to 70 % reduced emissions
  • No expensive heat cushion under the roof
  • Low investment costs

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