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Good climate at the workplace: Heating of production halls

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In production halls, the most important thing is to have practical, energy-efficient heating, which is capable enough, even with high room heights, to provide warmth to the workplaces.

Kübler stands for economical heating of halls with radiant heaters. Its infrared radiation generates warmth where it is needed, at the workplaces of employees. Hall heating from Kübler avoids dispersion of harmful dust and also offers the possibility of heating individual workplaces, in addition to low-noise operation. This creates optimum heat distribution in your hall, together with a pleasant working atmosphere.

The innovative heat recovery with the O.P.U.S. X heat exchanger allows the heating of adjacent offices and staff facilities with the residual heat of the hall heating system.

Further savings potential is offered by the convenient R.O.S.S.Y digital controls, which perfectly matches the heating to shift times, holiday operation or different working areas in the hall. For heating large industrial halls, control modules such as e.g. “Park-Off” are highly beneficial if a crane track runs through the hall, or “Door-Off” in the case of frequently opened hall gates.

The benefits at a glance

  • Low investment costs and low consumption costs
  • Reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions by up to 70 % in comparison to conventional systems
  • No heat build-up under the roof thanks to almost no convection
  • Pleasant feeling of warmth
  • Robust equipment, which guarantees fault-free operation
  • Modular extension possible, exactly to your requirements
  • Short heating-up times
  • Zonal and workplace heating possible
  • Dust- and draught-free heating
  • High operating safety
  • Low-noise heating operation

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